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Leasing a vehicle can prove to be quite restrictive if your planning to maximize the use of your vehicle. Parameters are set by the lessor to ensure the proper condition of vehicle at lease termination. Comfort Auto understands the various needs of our customers and know that some customers simply cannot be bound by these limitations. That is why we offer our
customers the option to purchase a Damage Waiver. The Comfort Auto Damage Waiver will make you impervious to the limitations set forth by your agreement. It’s no wonder our name is Comfort Auto!

If you are leasing a vehicle for personal use or business and think you need the extra wear and tear on your vehicle, we have the solution for you.

It’s easy and safe to get a Damage Waiver from Comfort Auto.

For additional information you may contact us at or call 855.633.8500

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Purchasing a vehicle is a considerable investment and generally one of substantial utility. If your vehicle is a 2008 model or younger, with fewer than 36,000 miles – you may want to protect your investment with an extended warranty package offered exclusively for Comfort Auto customers.

Unexpected auto expenses can be a burden on your trip, this package provides supplementary coverage for your out-of-warranty vehicle as well as travel protection services. Should the need arise, we’ll be there to help you get back on your way without an extra dime to pay. Ask about extending your warranty today!

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Time is money and we at Comfort Auto know how valuable both of these can be to our clients. Finding the right coverage for your vehicle at the right price can be wearisome. That is why our insurance specialists can help you find the most affordable rates from our selection of reputable partner agencies. If you already have a preferred agency or insurance provider just let us know and leave the leg work to Comfort Auto.

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Border to border or coast to coast, rely on Comfort Auto’s large network of vehicle logistic providers to transport your vehicle from point A to point B at the most competitive rates nationwide.
To request a quote for delivery or to export a vehicle internationally call 855.633.8500.

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We will handle all your lease return needs hassle free

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As your leased vehicle reaches maturity you may want to begin preparing for the end of
lease inspection report. If you have reason to be concerned with the outcome of your vehicle
inspection report, don’t fret! Part of Comfort Auto’s commitment to customer service excellence
is helping you prepare for this process.

e purpose of the vehicle inspection is to assess the condition of your vehicle and hold
the lessee liable for any damages that exceed what the lessor deems as normal wear and use for
the duration of your vehicles lease – short term leases will be expected to be in better condition
than longer term leases. While you are not required to have your vehicle serviced by the
manufacturer’s dealerships, Comfort Auto advises that you do however, document any services
your vehicle has undergone by a service professional throughout the life of your lease.

Many lease contracts allow the customer to obtain their own lease inspection in
addition to the Lessor’s report in order to arbitrate the charges found by the inspector (which
may be a third party inspection company outsourced by your leasing company). Often times
the manufacturer will offer the lessee an opportunity to repair the stated damages or accept the
lowest estimate for repair by an auto service professional. Beware! It is not uncommon for the
inspectors to erroneously charge for damages that should fall under normal wear and use.
Comfort Auto urges you to take advantage of our complimentary re-inspection, designed to
help reduce your end of lease bill. Just another way we like to say “ank You” for leasing with
Comfort Auto….

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When you choose Comfort Auto you’re choosing one of New York State’s largest
DMV Service providers. We welcome out of state registrants from any state in the country,
receive your out of state tags from Comfort Auto’s DMV Service direct!

See our list of services below and don’t hesitate to ask about a service
you don’t see listed. Our comfort edge lies in our ability to make
your leasing experience a seamless one.


  • New Plates – Forms: MV-82 ( MV-821 instructions), DTF-802 & Insurance Card
  • Commercial Plates – Forms: MV-82 ( MV-821 instruct.), DTF-802 & Insurance Card
  • Transfer Plates – Forms: MV-82 (MV-82 instructions), DTF-802 & Insurance Cars
  • In Transit Plates – Form MV-82ITP & Insurance Binder
  • Lost / Stolen Plates – Form MV-82 & MV-78b (obtained at police station)
  • Surrender Plates – Bring in both plates

Registration Services

  • Transfer Reg. – Forms: MV-82 ( MV-821 instructions), DTF-802 & Insurance Card
  • Renew Registration – Form MV-82 ( MV-821 instructions)
  • Duplicate Registration – Form MV-82 ( MV-821 instructions)
  • Lost / Stolen Registration – Form MV-82 ( MV-821 instructions)

Title Services

  • Duplicate Title – Form MV-902
  • Lost / Stolen Title – Form MV-902
  • Change of Ownership – Forms: MV-82 ( MV-821 instructions) & DTF-802
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  • Bike Carriers
  • Car Covers
  • Electronics & Navigation
  • Safety & Security
  • Seat Covers
  • Travel & Outdoors
  • Window Tinting
  • Backup Camera
  • Bluetooth
  • Rear DVD Player
  • Remote Starter
  • Bumper Guards
  • Rear Sensors
  • Running Boards
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